Multipurpose sports hall Nový Jičín

The main concept is based on the need to cover the two-sided tribune of the stadium and the sports hall. The figure consists of a concrete plinth and a system of wooden structures supporting the roof line, working with the horizontality of the roof line. The object's symmetry is based on its connection to the football field. Three basic materials are repeated in the design, dividing the design into three basic elements according to their architectural purpose. Concrete, wooden supporting structures and aluminum cladding of the hall. The layout uses shared spaces between the stadium and the hall using a turnstile system.

3rd prize in architectural competition
Year: May 2023
Location: Nový Jičín
Status: Competition
Program: Multipurpose sports hall
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Jan Vrbka, Roman Strnad, Vít Šarišský
In cooperation with: TheBüro / architekti Brno
Visualizations: Maroš Mitro (portraits of projects)