Wedding hall for Prague 5

The greatest quality of the assignment is the choice of the location. Sacré Coeur Park has its own specific atmosphere thanks to its place within the city, which offers wide views of the Prague panorama. Therefore, we try to integrate the design of the wedding hall into the park itself, to open it up as much as possible and thus create a place for a non-traditional wedding - a wedding in the park. The foreshadowing of the wedding hall object are small polygonal-shaped pavilions, which are usually located in the park and are a stopping point when walking through the park. We use archetypes of the pavilion such as the subtlety of the colonnade, the central orientation and the tented roof. The reflective material of the facade, which reflects its immediate surroundings, helps the building to become part of its surroundings and integrate into it.

4.-5. prize in a two round architectural competition
Year: September 2022
Location: Prague 5
Status: two round architectural competition
Program: Wedding hall, cafe, gallery
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Zdeněk Šuchma, Tomáš Babka
Visualization: Maroš Mitro (portraits of projects)