Revitalisation of a Village Cultural Centre

The revitalization of the village cultural hall is carried out by a simple extension in the courtyard part of the premises. From the existing structure, we keep its essence - the main hall - and define all service areas anew as a transition between the hall and the inner courtyard, or the border between the inner courtyard and square St. Rosalie. The new structure is thus concentrated around the courtyard, which is separated from the surrounding private land by a wall.

Minimizing construction costs leads to an economical spatial dispozition. The location of the catering kitchen enables direct service to the interior and the yard. Several scenarios of the use of the building during the time when the hall is not in use are being considered, which should improve the economy of the educational meeting.

A repetitive motif in the design, which is based on a form to improve the environment in terms of acoustics. In addition to the acoustic ceiling in the main multifunctional hall, it is also used as a ceiling above the bar, sheet metal roofing of the extension and in the form of a light movable textile roof of the courtyard, which can shade the entire courtyard as needed.

1st prize in architectural competition
Year: July 2022
Location: Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovakia
Status: Open architectural competition
Program: Village Cultural Centre
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Jan Vrbka (TheBüro / architekti Brno)
Visualisation: Maroš Mitro (portraits of projects)