Family house Nedvědice

The house is set in a valley surrounded by green hills near Pernštejn Castle. The concept and shape of the house is made up of green atriums and boxes that define the fluid space of the interior. Each box has a different material. Atriums have a green filter function. All the windows are directed to the atriums, thanks to which the views from the interior offer a view through the greenery. Atriums are placed on each side to interrupt the continuous wall and thus maintain the same character of the building in all viewing angles.

Year: 2018 - 2022
Location: Nedvědice
Status: Under construction
Program: Family house
Autor: Ivo Stejskal
In cooperation with: Jiří Wacľawik, Petr Hála
Construction company: Valeriy Popilevych (Valestav Group s.r.o.)
Photo: Alex Shoots Buildings