Green Atriums House

In a valley of green hills, not far from Pernštejn Castle in the southern region of Moravia, Czech republic, a house has emerged that combines modern living with the beauty of the surrounding nature.

After fifty years of living in the city, the residents of the house decided to make a radical change - a move to the countryside surrounded by nature. The home becomes part of the garden, creating an oasis where the inhabitants - people and various animals - can meet, work and live together. Their desire to combine modern living with the peace and beauty of the countryside was the key motive for the creation of this atrium house.

The concept and form of the house are shaped by green atria and utility boxes, creating a fluid open space. Each box has its own material, adding a unique character to every corner of the house.

The shape of the atria plays a key role in this design. Moving them from the center of the house to its perimeter allows even more light to enter the house and still preserve the intimacy of the solution. Atria serves as a green filter, connecting the exterior with the interior and bringing the fresh atmosphere of nature into the home. This green oasis is the main motif of the house, which offers residents a calm and inspiring environment.

Special attention was given to the placement of windows. All windows are directed towards the green atria. This orientation not only ensures maximum privacy but also allows views of the landscape beyond the surrounding development.

Atria are strategically placed on every side of the house, disrupting the continuous wall and maintaining a consistent character from every angle. The atrium house in the valley represents the fusion of modern living with nature, bringing harmony to everyday life.

Project year: 2018-2023
Completion year: 2023
Location: Nedvědice
Program: Family house
Built-up area: 172 m2
Author: Ivo Stejskal
Project documentation: Jiří Wacľawik
Interior project: Petr Hála
Construction company: Valeriy Popilevych (Valestav Group s.r.o.)
Photo credits: Alex Shoots Buildings