Povodí Vltavy: Operational Center Strakonice

We enter the locality through a linear object following the orthogonal network of surrounding objects. It takes its linearity from the water surface of the Otava River. The composition of the wooden box perched on a concrete plinth with an overhanging ceiling corresponds to the essence of the building program – a synthesis of the background for work and administrative activities together with the provision of parking spaces for the vehicle fleet against the weather. On the entrance floor, the building is clearly divided into layouts, the route leads the visitor along the facade from the boxes of the technical facilities, changing rooms and garages to the garden, where the entrance to the upper floor is located. It consists of a universal wooden administrative and residence platform. All volumes and areas of the design, including the roof, are treated in landscape-wise, taking into account the work with water and the specific characteristics of the Otava basin.

Year: May 2023
Location: Strakonice
Status: Competition
Program: Operational Center
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Vít Šarišský, Jan Vrbka
Landscape: Monika Šafářová
Visualization: Stanislav Šimoníček (spiritpixel)