Transformation of the “summer cinema” valley Jemnice

We are located in a specific place with a unique atmosphere in a valley directly connected to parks around ponds with a natural character that we try to preserve and highlight as much as possible. We are working with the element of the valley - an open space surrounded by a continuous layer of mature greenery, which will be hidden from the outside and thus provide sufficient shelter not only for scouts, but also for other visitors. Around the central flat area, we propose a circular multifunctional path with the character of park paths leading around the ponds, which is followed by various leisure activities or resting places for all passers-by. A scout base with facilities for the public is being built on the site of the existing building. We orient the object so that it does not form a barrier, but blends smoothly with the place with a distinct topography.​

Year: January 2023
Location: Jemnice
Status: competition
Program: landscape, scout base
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Tereza Teplá, Ara Zárraga, Vít Šarišský
Visualizations: Vít Šarišský, Ivo Stejskal