Municipal house Stránecká Zhoř

The main idea of the proposal is to connect the existing public space and the center of the village with the new public space. We are proposing a public passage between the existing building of the municipal building and by the newly proposed extension. The newly proposed masses enter the urban planning in such a way as to delimit the area of the village, but at the same time do not disturb the original character of the place. With their linearity and position, they create a background line underlining the existing houses. The tanned wood material forms a contrast and refers to the origin and name of the village. The new material uses the sloping terrain and defines the clear heights of the spaces according to importance by grading the individual levels.

Year: January 20233
Location: Stránecká Zhoř
Status: Competition
Program: Municipal office, social hall, pub
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Vít Šarišský, Natálie Laníková
Visualization: Vát Šarišský, Ivo Stejskal