City spa Krnov

We enter a large plot of land with clearly organized and significant greenery with a comprehensive and compact urban design. The circular form supports the idea of ​​a center, a center around the bodies of water with their utilitarian background are composed. The large circle invites to enter and immerse oneself. In addition to belonging and democracy, the circular form thematizes the unchanging geometry of wave propagation. The layout of the building surprises with its orthogonal interior, in which water areas and other functions are organized around the central atrium. We also work with an inventory of skylights that bring diverse architectural qualities to the space. Although our proposal seems introverted and maintains its own integrity, we also express our views on the surrounding area. An example is a promenade with an alley, starting in the parking area and ending in the baths. We cultivate the extensive parking lot with sequences of trees. We supplement absent greenery, create baths immersed in the landscape.

Honourable mention - 4th prize in two rounds architectural competition
Year: January 2022
Location: Krnov
Status: Two rounds architectural competition
Program: City spa and wellness
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Maroš Mitro, Tomáš Boroš, Ondrej Jurčo
In cooperation with: DOXA architekti
Visualisation: Maroš Mitro