Loft interior Brno

The design concept works with contrast and heights of the spaces. By using black color in the background of an apartment with a lower height, the space will be optically narrower and will enhance the experience of the main elevated space, which is dominated by white color.

The seating is designed from modular furniture and is placed in the center, thus becoming one of the dominant elements in the space together with the bar table. The central location allows the variability of sitting and resting. The bar table is designed in white and black marble, which forms a transition between the black kitchen and the bright living space. The library uses elevated ceilings over the entire wall and thus underlines the generosity of the space.

Year: January 2022
Location: Brno
Status: Design study, project documentation, realization
Program: Loft flat interior
Illustrations: Vít Šarišský, Ivo Stejskal
Project documentation: Ivo Stejskal, Zdeněk Šuchma (Babka & Šuchma)
Visualizations: Ivo Stejskal
Photos: Alex Shoots Buildings