Revitalization of the cultural center
in Velké Němčice

With its characteristic urbanism, Velké Němčice represents a typical Moravian structure - longitudinal houses lined up behind each other forming linear structures of urbanism. As part of the proposal, it is necessary to take into account the public life of not only the cultural center, but also the public space across the street. The cultural center itself has undergone development over the years and the current form does not fit in with the character of the urbanism. In the design of the building, we follow the context of the surroundings and create a space for everyday and extraordinary events. We connect it back to the street by adding a roof in the frontage that follows the line. Due to the corner position of the cultural center, we are covering not only the main facade with a new roof. The block will be unified from all sides and will have a same character. By completing the roof and elevating it above the terrain with columns, we create a continuous cultural courtyard, the character of which adapts under the common roof as needed.

Year: June 2023

Location: Velké Němčice

Status: Architectural and urban usability study
Program: Cultural center
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Vít Šarišský, Zdeněk Šuchma (Babka & Šuchma)
Visualization: Maroš Mitro (portraits of projects), Vít Šarišský

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