Cultural center Mayer's factory

The urban planning solution for Mayer's factory in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, we tried to proceed from the inside of the premises to the outside. By freeing up the central part, we created space for the location of a multi-purpose hall for cultural and educational activities. We open the ground floor of the multi-purpose hall to residential streets. In this way, we create a vibrant cluster - a cultural district, which in its streets offers enough space for residential, cultural and educational activities and naturally expands the city center in its form. The area is situated on the very border of the original historical center. 

The area currently forms an urbanistically complete block - a conglomerate of different materials from different periods. This adjustment in time was based on the real needs of the operation and thus had its justification. Since we are proceeding with the adaptation of the factory to a new use, we consider it necessary to adapt the internal functioning of the premises as well. We change the urbanistically full structure to a permeable one - we create a set of buildings with their own streets. We are changing the originally closed and introverted campus to an open/extroverted one. We believe that this maneuver will also present the original historically valuable buildings in their natural beauty.

Year: August 2021
Location: Dvůr Králové nad Labem
Status: Open architecture competition
Program: Cultural center
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Jan Rolinc, Maroš Mitro, Tomáš Boroš, Ondrej Jurčo
In cooperation with: DOXA architekti
Visualisation: Maroš Mitro, Dávid Medzihorský