The new heart of Kamenný Přívoz - Šíbal's farm

The design takes its cues from the Czech folk architecture of the area. Gabled roofs supplemented by aeration openings form a prominent part of the village’s character. Stone walls are another typical architectural element owing to the position of the village on the slope of the river valley. The design works with the three existing buildings of Šíbal’s farm and highlights their vernacular expression. A new volume complements the spatial arrangement and takes on the materiality of the existing stone wall. Connecting passages are created between the newly formed square and the village through the eastern and southern sides of the site. The architects therefore open the area as much as possible and create a community and cultural center accessible and inviting from all sides. The multifunctional hall, located in the existing barn building, meets the requirements of a modern sports and community center and will act as a social gathering space for the village.

1st prize in architectural competition
Investor: Municipality Kamenný Přívoz
Year: January 2022
Locality: Kamenný Přívoz
Status: Open architectural competition
Program: Cultural center
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Zdeněk Šuchma, Jan Rolinc
Visualisation: Maroš Mitro, Ivo Stejskal