Duck House

The building was designed and constructed by the architects themselves. For the construction of the building was used waste material of wooden boards from the formwork of the ceiling of the neighboring building. The proportion and scale of the object is defined by the future users - Indian runners, the domestic form of the mallard.

Indian runners spend most of the time in the whole garden eating slugs, which was the main purpose of their acquisition. Naturally, they need space, even if they only stay overnight, the interior space itself is generous.

It is a simple object with floor and roof overlaps for greater comfort of use. The tin roof prevents leaks. The floor is raised above the ground, thus preventing moisture in the interior, especially in winter. The window and empty spaces between the structure under the roof create the possibility of natural ventilation. Thanks to the overhanging terrace, the ducks have access from several sides. Cleaning and removing eggs takes place by extending the side wall. The construction system consists of 30x30mm beams fitted on top of each other, connected by screws. The construction is placed on stone blocks.

Design: AOSI
Realization team: Ivo Stejskal, Kristýna Blažíčková
Location: Nedvědice
Completion year: April 2023
Program: Duck House
Users of the object: Ducks - Indian runners
Photos: Alex Shoots Buildings