Library Olomouc

The main idea of the whole proposal is to create a library 21st century. A variable space that is intended for people - its users. Nevertheless, the book is still the most important element of the library. This is also underlined by the choice of materials used inside. The new library building is deliberately designed in white so that it does not compete with the books. They then bring variety and colour to the space. 

The only distinctive material is the colored floor, which continues into the exterior. This connects the interior space of the library with the community terrace, which, thanks to the fully glazed opening wall, extends the space outside to the adjacent park. 

Translucent arches made of kopilite enable visual contact of the visitor with the surroundings and at the same time provide sufficient privacy for quiet reading, study or work, alone or in pairs in individual arches or in a group of several people within a separate flexible space that serves as a children's corner, meeting room or background for holding various workshops.

Honourable mention
Year: August 2020
Location: Trnkova, Olomouc
Status: Open architecture competition
Program: City library
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Jan Rolinc, Iva Mrázková, Kristýna Blažíčková
In cooperation with: Jan Vrbka (TheBüro / architekti Brno)
Visualisation Martin Holý