ITC Zelená hora

We do not see the UNESCO monument Zelená Hora as just the church of St. Jan Nepomucký, but as a unique compositional unit consisting of a massif of a hill with a unique point on its top. The object of the information center is designed as a simple cube bitten into the slope, with an effort to express and form humility towards the church. 

The object is located at the greatest possible distance from the church within the area under consideration. It becomes a part of the urbanism and thus does not belong to Zelená Hora itself, which makes it invisible in distant views. The floor plan footprint takes over the proportions of the family houses, as well as the spacing. The building is designed as a continuation of the historical pilgrimage route leading from the castle, which today serves as an important pedestrian connection to the capacity parking lot. It thus becomes an entrance gate that provides the visitor with the necessary background before entering the pilgrimage church of St. Jan Nepomucký. It is located at the junction of two axes (staircase and sidewalk) and thus creates a visual joint when exiting the castle, without disturbing the gradually unfolding view of Zelena Hora.

3rd prize in architectural competition
Year: January 2022
Location: Zelená Hora, Žďár nad Sázavou
Status: Open architectural competition
Program: Information touristic center
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Jan Rolinc, Tomáš Babka, Zdeněk Šuchma
Visualisation: Stanislav Šimoníček (spiritpixel), Ivo Stejskal