Fire station in Lanškroun

A typical urban element for the city of Lanškroun is the regular Gothic rowing, especially around the main square J.M. Marks. These buildings usually have a gable roof along their entire length. The design is based on the context of the surroundings and we apply the given character of the building to the proposed object. This determines the spatial, layout and structural solutions. This creates a compact volume divided by longitudinal walls into individual functional tracts. Thus, we enter the planned area with a compact mass that complements the street line. An inner road is designed around the building, which at the same time serves as a pedestrian passage, the arrival of firefighters and their parking, as well as the required access to the neighboring property.

Year: September 2022
Location: Lanškroun
Status: Competition
Program: Fire station
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Zdeněk Šuchma
Visualization: Martin Holý, Dávid Medzihorský