Extension of primary and nursery school

In addition to the new building of a nursery and primary school on the site of the existing school, we also focus on overall urbanism and connections to the close surroundings, especially pedestrian and the connection with the neighboring Šíbal's farm so that a full-fledged new heart of Kamenný Přívoz can be created. We propose the extension as a simple utilite object that fits in with the urbanism and thanks to the change of layout, which at the same time preserves the size of the individual rooms, we managed to reduce the built-up area and the volume from the previous study, which means that even with the current increase in the prices of construction work, we can maintain the estimated investment costs. The simplification also applies to the static solution. The building is designed to be built of blocks with a concrete ceiling and a ceramic roof.​

Year: July 2022
Location: Kamenný Přívoz
Status: Invited architecture competition
Program: Primary and nursery school
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Zdeněk Šuchma
Visualisation: Maroš Mitro (portraits of projects)