Social housing complex Terchovská

The concept is deeply rooted in the context of its surroundings. The site is shielded from an busy street by an oblong building, whereas three-story cubes connect the structure of the neighboring family houses on the opposite side. The small scale of the point houses and their arrangement creates an intimate and varied range of outdoor semi-public spaces, creating the community life of the residents. The shape and size of the spaces are defined by their content. This principle is similarly projected into the shared spaces of staircases and lounges. 

1st prize in architectural competition
Year: January 2020 - present
Location Bratislava, Slovakia
Status: Open architectural competition, Project documentation
Program: Housing complex
Team: Ivo Stejskal, Jan Rolinc, Iva Mrázková, David Erik Bernátek
In cooperation with: Jan Vrbka (TheBüro / architekti Brno)
Visualisation: Martin Holý, Stanislav Šimoníček (spiritpixel)